August 4, 2011

MS Word Drawing Canvas Hack #2

(#3 was added on Oct 7. 2011.)

As I mentioned yesterday, we can “kaizen” the behavior of MS Word.

But it’s too much of a bother to call a macro everytime.
So let’s register these macro to the ribbon.

First, open “Option”. Then…

  1. Select “Ribbon Settings”
  2. Select “Macro”
  3. Select “Tool Tab” from “Ribbon Settings” and select “Drawing Tool > Format > Align”

Word Option

  1. Make new group
  2. Add macro
  3. And rename them

Make them as button

Then you can find buttons on the ribbon.

Then you may get “Development” ribbon invisible.


  1. S.C.L :

    It works! Nezumiya U R AWESOME! Arigatou!

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