June 30, 2010

Look good?

A snapshot of myself at a “job well done party”.

Usually I don’t look good with sunglasses.
But I guess this snapshot wearing Ray-Ban is not bad.

Like a hoody guy in Japanese good old days.



Does this look good on me?


  1. Toru :

    Well, pretty good looking.
    It must be better to hold a glass of whisky;>

  2. nezu :

    > Toru
    Thanks for your comment.
    It was the first comment on this site ( in English ).

    As you know, it was not whisky but shochu in the glass in my hand. 🙂

  3. Anonymous :

    Im gonna type with in the Latin alphabet & a little of in English from now.

    Mada naotte nai YO!!

    Warning err ga derushi,page update wo shitemo,comment ga han-ei sarenai….

    Sakki wa Japanese&emoji de type shita no dakedo….

    Chinamini,test mo kanete,type shiteru now!! :p

    Kondo wa umaku ikimasu yohni!!(*_*)

  4. ushapon :

    Sorry a lot of my comments!!(>_<) Mae comment no "last error" wa kinosei datta!!(-.-;) Comment dekita toki,error page wa denakatta!!www

  5. nezu :

    I know you 2 are the same one, so I’m writing this for both of 2 comments.
    As you know, the error occurring has cleared.
    Thank you for your notice and please check this site with RSS or some.

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