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August 7, 2010


In Japan, we have a culture called “Uchimizu”.
It is a water sprinkling on the ground.

I wrote “we have” but exactly “we had” is much more true.
It is an old culture, and recently we don’t do that usually.
However, in these some years, the effect of the sprinkling is reviewed and it is held in many places.
With Uchimizu, we can reduce the temperature about 2 degrees Celsius by the heat of evaporation.

Here are some photos of the event held in 8/6 in Shirokane-Takanawa Tokyo.

flag and washpots

A flag of Mission Uchimizu and washpots


Higher than 37 degrees!

Cute kids

How cute the kids are!

Water pots for kids

Water pots for kids

They are gifts for the kids.

Uchimizu begins.

Uchimizu begins.

Winds after the events were so breezy. 🙂

I found a turtle was swimming in the river on the way home.


A turtle was swimming.

June 30, 2010

Look good?

A snapshot of myself at a “job well done party”.

Usually I don’t look good with sunglasses.
But I guess this snapshot wearing Ray-Ban is not bad.

Like a hoody guy in Japanese good old days.



Does this look good on me?

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