YOSAKOI is one of the most famous events in Japan.
It is also a festival and also a contest.
Many groups consisted with 10 to 150 people take part in the festival to dance their original piece.

YOSAKOI Festival held in Kochi
YOSAKOI Soran Festival held in Sapporo,Hokkaido
Nippon Domannaka Matsuri held in Nagoya,Aichi

There are only two regulation:

  • Arrange a local song of the group itself (cleared when you use even one phrase of the song)
  • Dance with NARUKO, a kind of clapping instrument, in hands

I’ve been composing songs for YOSAKOI since 1996.
And the sample songs are below.
There are no constraints about a category, so you can find many type of mixtures of various sounds.
The number of each sound is a year which that song was composed.
28 songs are available.

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